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The Bride & Groom

Bundt Cake

Vegan Curry

Carrot Ginger Soup

The Dome Retreat

Spring Rolls

The Salad Plating

Salad Plating

Coconut Rum Infused Bundt Cake

Asparagus Soup

Amaretto Chocolate Cake 

Table Scape

Wedding Toast

Spring Roll Plating


Guests connecting

Amaretto Mint  Chocolate Cake

Chef Mary in her element

Italian Seafood Cioppino

Tikka Masala


Elopement Toast


Curry Dish

The Toast



Chef Mary in the zone


Date & Dine Guests

Roasted Veggie Trio

Chef Mary plating the main dish

Final prep

Outdoor setting

Final prep

Chocolate Cake

Over the Top Salad

Table Scape at the Elysian Retreat

Amaretto Infused Chocolate Cake

Table Setting

Table Set Up

Vegan Date & Dine

Orange Ginger Chicken

The Bride

Salted Caramel  Apple Pear Tart

Mint Chocolate Mousse